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March 2024 GRand opening

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Live free Beautifully beaded stretch bracelets arriving soon!

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One Of A Kind Jewelry


Sky's latest one of a kind designs!
This triple wrap memory wire bracelet is crafted with Turquoise, coconut, clay, alloy, Picture Jasper & wood.

This beauty is a vacation on your wrist!

Mala Beads

Yoga - Meditation - Buddhism

Stack It Up

crystal & natural stone stretch bracelets

Get the energy you need with our large collection of desert sun charged crystal healing bracelets.

Luck & Long Life

100% Authentic Tibetan Jewelry

High quality Dzi Agates and Mantra beads.

Maboho designed and Hand Crafted

Buddhist, Meditation & Well-Being
Om Mani Padme Hum

Latest Reviews

Our Happy Clients

Sandy S


I love my new bracelet, I'm never taking it off! Thanks so much for the extra gift:)

Trisha M


This ring is exactly what I was hoping for and looks perfect with my other rings. Highly recommend this shop.

Evil Eye Ring

Lilly W


Super fast shipping and my amethyst bracelet is stunning, even received a fun surprise. Thank you

Linda R


Perfect shopping experience and I adore my bracelet. My daughter actually stole it from me ha, so I am purchasing a second one. Thank you for the gift.

Ceramic Bead Bracelet

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Maboho's Desert Infused Crystals!


Allowing your crystals to soak up the desert sunlight can harness a powerful energy. The intense and radiant sunlight of the desert infuses your crystals with vitality and amplifies their inherent properties. The sunlight acts as a cleansing agent, purifying the crystals from any stagnant or negative energies they may have absorbed. As the sun's rays penetrate the crystals, they are charged with renewed strength and vibrancy. This solar infusion enhances the crystal's natural abilities and can bring about a greater sense of clarity, revitalization, and alignment. Soaking your crystals in the desert sunlight is a beautiful way to connect with the Earth's energy and unlock the full potential of your precious gem companions.

Live Free


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