Welcome to Maboho jewelry, we are a small creative family of jewelry makers, artists and musicians living in Nevada, USA.

Hello, my name is Sky, in 2021 on a summer morning, I woke up and whispered three words, "Live Free Beautifully" and felt a glowing need to start a new journey creating Jewelry. Growing up a free spirited surfer girl, I have always had a love for nature, a strong connection to animals and all things bohemian, I also gravitate towards the minimal look. I wanted a name that encompassed a modern bohemian vibe and Maboho Jewelry was born.

We love to travel around the world, exploring vibrant marketplaces, trade shows, and gem mines to handpick the finest materials for our exquisite designs. We also take pride in partnering exclusively with fair trade companies worldwide.

Banksy and I look forward to our monthly outings where we take our newest crystals to the stunning Valley of Fire Desert, where the sun's warm embrace cleanses and charges them with incredible energy. Surrounded by breathtaking red rock formations, our crystals absorb the deserts powerful sunlight, amplifying their natural properties. 

Please come join us on Instagram or Facebook where we post our latest designs, giveaways and crystal sun trips. If you post, share and tag us on Instagram showing off how you style your Maboho jewelry, you are automatically entered to win free stuff!

Thank you so much for visiting our shop and we are always wishing you all of your dreams!

~Sky & Banksy