♡ A Little Love Goes A Long Way


✔ Store in a jewelry box or air tight bag to avoid scratches and tarnishing
✔ Clean with a soft polishing cloth
✔ Use some drops of lukewarm water for cleaning (excluding Opal)
✔ Add an anti-tarnish strip or silica gel pad which absorbs humidity
✔ Remove and store before sleeping 



✘ Do not submerge or bring in contact with water/chemicals
✘ Do not wear when working on heavy duty tasks (Gym!)
✘ Do not clean with strong household cleaners or rough cloths
✘ Do not mix with lotions and perfumes 
✘ Do not swim or bath with your jewelry

Please note: The above tips apply to most jewelry metals excluding preciouses heirloom metals such as 925 Sterling Silver & 14k & 18k Pure Gold.

Gold filled jewelry is safe to get wet.