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Amazonite Adjustable Leather Bar Bracelet Woman's Jewelry

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♥ Cultivate inner peace with style! Maboho's Amazonite adjustable bar bracelet with large silver button closure. Beautiful pale blue cool stones feel incredible on the skin and is sooooo comfortable to wear everyday! Giving off those Boho beach vibes, this bracelet makes an amazing gift for him or her!

Item Details
• Materials:  Amazonite
• Size: 6" + 4" Adjustable 
• Beads: Bars 13.5mm x 4.5mm.
• Leather
• Important: All natural stones vary in patterns and shades to ensure it's an original beauty just like you!

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❀❀ Amazonite provides numerous benefits, including a calming and soothing effect that alleviates anxiety and promotes inner peace. Its connection to the water element encourages adaptability and resilience, helping one navigate life's challenges with grace and fluidity. Amazonite is also known to enhance communication and self-expression, fostering healthy relationships and empowering individuals to speak their truth. Additionally, it supports emotional healing, aids in overcoming negative thought patterns, and promotes a positive mindset, making it a valuable companion for those seeking balance, clarity, and personal growth.

♥♥  Welcome to Maboho jewelry, we are a small creative family of jewelry makers, artists and musicians living in Nevada, USA. We travel the world visiting vibrant marketplaces, trade shows and hidden gemstone mines to source top-quality materials to make our beautiful jewelry designs. Every month we take our newest crystals to the stunning Valley of Fire, where the sun's warm embrace charges them with incredible energy. Surrounded by breathtaking red rock formations, our crystals absorb the powerful sunlight, amplifying their natural properties. Harnessing the ancient wisdom of the desert, these crystals carry a unique vitality that can uplift your spirit, enhance clarity, and promote a deep sense of grounding. Allow the enchanting energy of desert sun-charged crystals to illuminate your path and awaken your inner glow.

All of our jewelry is beautifully crafted & packed with love, ships from our Mohave Desert studio in NV, USA

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Jennifer C

LOVE LOVE LOVE my goddess wrap! Beautiful packaging and free gift was a nice surprise, thank you!

Amy S

I purchased the Mala beads for me and my husband and they are perfect.

Carla B

The custom crystal necklace for my sisters birthday was perfect and she loved it, highly recommend this shop!

Bob R

Sharp packaging and fast shipping, I really dig my cats eye bracelet and thanks for the free gift.