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Red String and 14k Gold Luck and Fortune Bracelet Set

Sale price$31.95
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Size:5" inch
14k Gold Fill Bead Options:1 Gold Bead

❀ Fortune, Luck & protection with our beautiful red satin chord and 14k Gold Filled dainty Kabbalah bracelet. Crafted with 4mm 14k real gold filled beads ( choose between 1 to 3 gold beads or SAVE 10% WHEN YOU BUY THE COMBO SET - Combo set is for both bracelets seen in photo 1 )  1mm deep red satin chord with two sliding knots to adjust. This sophisticated minimal bracelet is perfect for stacking and looks amazing on both men and women. Perfect for everyday wear and is ok to get wet. Always makes a great gift to protect your luvs!


△ Satin Red 1mm Cord
△ 4mm 14k Round Gold Filled Bead
△ Adjustable Bracelet
△ Lovely Meaning Card Included
△ Choose: 1 to 3 beads OR 10% OFF Combo bracelet set which is 2 bracelets, one with 1 gold bead and a second with 3 gold beads as seen in photo #1 
△ Size: Select from menu - Our adjustable cord bracelets are created in whole sizes but will adjust up and down for your comfort. If you need help with sizing, we are always just an email away!


Your item will arrive beautifully packaged in a Maboho gift box or gift bag ready for gift giving. We also include a jewelry care card & gemstone property information If it applies. Multiple items will be packed in one gift box - if you require all items in separate gift packaging please send us a message or include in notes. 

If you'd like to give this item as a gift, please include the person's name and (optional) a personal message that will be printed out. It can also be mailed directly to the lucky person.

We never include receipts/invoices but will upon request.

G E M S T O N E  P R O P E R T I E S

❀ ✷Luck ✷Protection ✷Spiritual ✷Friendship ✷Love ✷Passion ✷Kabbalah

❀ How to wear it? The red string is often worn on the left wrist and is said to ward off any “evil and misfortune” that could be “caused by the evil eye”

❀❀ The red string bracelet holds deep symbolism across various cultures and beliefs. It is often worn as a symbol of protection, good luck, and blessings. In some traditions, the red string is an amulet believed to ward off negative energies, evil spirits and misfortune, acting as a talisman for protection and safety. Additionally, the red color is associated with vitality, energy, and passion, symbolizing life force and vitality. Wearing a red string bracelet can also serve as a reminder of one's intentions, goals and aspirations, helping to stay focused and determined in achieving them.

A B O U T  U S

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Thank you so much for visiting our shop and we are always wishing you all of your dreams!

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Jennifer C

LOVE LOVE LOVE my goddess wrap! Beautiful packaging and free gift was a nice surprise, thank you!

Amy S

I purchased the Mala beads for me and my husband and they are perfect.

Carla B

The custom crystal necklace for my sisters birthday was perfect and she loved it, highly recommend this shop!

Bob R

Sharp packaging and fast shipping, I really dig my cats eye bracelet and thanks for the free gift.